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Up to the minute listings of classic and vintage watches for sale in twelve different countries....



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Our Top Tips For Buying Classic & Vintage Watches

Always Research the Brand or Model of Watch Before You Buy!!

Do not buy on impulse, so be sure to do your homework and learn about the watch you want to buy. You should only make a final decision on a classic watch when you have accrued knowledge enough to ascertain the worth of that particular make / model. There is a wealth of information for just about any watch published on the internet, use the information wisely, check out small details like do the hands match, is the printing on the dial correct, is the glass scratched etc. etc. - don't let your heart rule your head! A good idea, especially before deciding to buy on an auction site like Ebay is to look at the web pages of reputable watch retailers, this will give you a price guide so hopefully you will be able to acquire the watch you want for a reasonable price.

Many watch manufacturers websites have a section devoted to the history of their products, this is an invaluable source of information for the watch collector. On each of our web pages we have put a link to the the manufacturers website which would be worth visiting prior to your purchase.

If in doubt about any aspect of a classic or vintage watch that you would like to buy, go to one of the many watch forums that can be found on the web. Ask some questions, there will always be someone out there that has the answers you need.

Try to get a recommendation for an experienced watchmaker, he can tell you about availability of parts, costs & servicing schedules. In order to become a qualified watchmaker it is likely that he served a lengthy apprenticeship & learned not only how to identify faults & replace necessary parts, but also to fabricate some obsolete parts from scratch. In this digital age many modern watch repairers spend much of their time replacing batteries, so be sure to find someone with all the relevant experience to work on your timepiece.

Using all the information that you can gather from these various sources will help you make informed choices when it comes to purchasing a vintage watch whether it is from one of the expensive high end manufacturers like Rolex or Patek Philippe, or just an everyday classic such as an early Timex.

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